Working alongside the Estate Management team and Project Mangers, Woodforde Scott, Jordan and Faber Ltd are pleased to commence on site at Moore Farm, Moore Crichel on an exciting project of 3 no barn conversions for The Crichel House Estate in Moore Crichel.

After an involved, competitive tendering process with assessment by the project team of rates submission, project structure, assessment of previous projects and a formal interview, Jordan and Faber were pleased not only to secure the project here, but also to gain positive feedback from the project team on our approach and level of detail provided during the tender process.

Upon formal instruction, Jordan and Faber have worked pre-commencement with the project team to overcome tricky ecology and conservation issues, allowing us to make a productive start on site in February 2020 with the stripping and replacement of both roofs to Units E and Unit F on the Moore Farm side of the project.

The photo provided shows the condition of the existing cut roof to Unit F, showing signs of heavy rot unfortunately deeming the roof unsalvageable. Jordan and Faber’s Carpenters will be removing the existing roof and cutting a new roof in its place, with further photos of progress to follow! We also will be looking to treat and re-place a number of the supporting beams to the First Floor in an attempt to maintain the character of the historic structures here.

The proposal for the structures once completed are to be let by the Estate, therefore for any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manages, Woodforde Scott on 01258 446446.