Client: Aspire Defence Services Ltd

Project: CATT Building Warminster

Value: 1.4m

Contract Duration: 6no weeks

There is just under a year to go until around 4,000 soldiers relocate to the Salisbury Plain Training Area under the Army Basing Programme.  Aspire  remain on track to deliver the new single living and working accommodation required on garrisons, whilst continuing to invest in existing defence infrastructure to support the military’s operational effectiveness.

Jordan & Faber Ltd recently completed a major upgrade to one of the Army’s key training assets in Wiltshire. The Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) in Warminster, which uses state-of-the-art networked simulators to enable soldiers to train in a virtual environment, benefited from a £1.4m refurbishment throughout August and September.

The CATT is vast; over 300 tonnes of scaffolding had to be installed to enable access to its high ceiling.  That’s more than 14 miles of scaffold boards and 20,000 metres of tubing, all fitted in just one week – the largest volume of scaffolding erected in the shortest timeframe for any of Aspire’s projects.

In addition, four lorry loads of plywood were delivered to the site, so that each simulator could be boarded up and protected during works. The timber has since been donated to the Ghurkhas for reuse.

Every simulator now has individual fire alarm and air-conditioning controls, enhancing the safety and comfort of soldiers during training.  The installation of over 300 energy-efficient LEDs (totalling 21 miles of cable) will also create substantial savings, dramatically reducing the power bill for the building.  Returning to the CATT after the summer break, our military customer will notice a real difference, thanks to improved lighting and ventilation throughout the facility.

This significant investment, delivered with Aspire Defence Services Ltd under Project Allenby/Connaught contract with the MOD, will ensure that the CATT remains a safe, compliant and economical asset for the Army, where soldiers can continue to gain vital operational skills.

Project stats

Total man hours worked10,979 hours

from 23 July to 21 September

Average no of persons on site daily32
Scaffolding boards14.780 miles
Scaffolding tube12.523 miles
No of tube couplers29,500
No of light fittings381
No of detectors used255
Length of cable used29.825 miles
Old lighting system energy consumptionapprox 46284W
New lighting system energy consumptionapprox 24946W